Klaus Schmidinger skrev 2011-05-26 00:41:
If you can point me to an official standard document that defines
000 as a valid picture coding type... ;-)

Just curious: since as you write TV4 works and TV6 doesn't, and
both are apparently broadcast by the same provider, is there any
chance you could contact that provider and ask why this difference
exists? I mean there has to be some rationale for this...

Like making channels unrecordable :-)

I really have'nt got a clue who to ask. All physical transmission in Sweden is done by 'Teracom AB' but channels in the MUX'es are from mixed sources. TV4 is from 'TV4 AB' and TV6 is from 'Viasat Broadcasting UK' if one looks in channel.conf. All the marketing around DVB-T reception and selling smartcards for watching scrambled channels are done by 'Boxer AB'.

I suppose the key question is who is doing the DVB encoding.

The change is fairly recent though, I have recorded TV6 without problems for years. This has occured within the last few months.


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