On 07.01.2012 3:44 , Udo Richter wrote:

The cryptic symbol decodes to cTimer::cTimer(bool, bool, cChannel*),
found in timers.h, line 46. The actual code is in timers.c, line 28.
This function exists in this form since 1.3.38. VDR itself seems to be
fine, so your VDR seems to have a different function instead. However,
the plugins rely on the original function because they somehow compiled
against the original definition in the timers.h.

My guess is that one of the patches is optionally modifying this, and
the plugins were somehow compiled with different versions of the
timers.h, or with different compiler flags that cause some #ifdef to flip.

Ok, i'll check if this would would work without any patches.. I doubt that I would be the only one with this issue if it would be the patches.. But again i would'nt surprise me if my system is messed up because of this big jump from 1.6.x to 1.7.22. Til now VDR has been a "set and forget" installation that just works, and works, and works and wo... :-)



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