On 07.01.2012 2:17 , René wrote:
Then i got an other problem. When watching a recording, and i
fastforward of rewind the program, i get to a situation that the
"timecounter" get's stuck to the frame i start from. The film moves, but
when i hit play, i end up back to the frame from where i started to
rewind/fastforwad. The only way to fix this is to jump with the
yellow/green buttons. AFter this i can rewind/fastforwad normally. This
again works for a while, but again if it fails to stop to the place i
rewind to, i have to "reset" the rewind-issue with the yellow/green

Is this a known bug in vdr, or is it something that i have messed up in
my setup?

Has anyone had time to compare their experiences with this? I just noticed that the problem is mostly when rewinding...


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