As some of you might already know, I'm working on a way to semi-automatically assign unique channel IDs to channels of different DVB providers. As I currently don't have time to explain it in detail today, I will just post some links and join this discussion later on when I have more time to sit down and explain stuff. ;-)

The whole thing is based on Channelpedia, a sub-project of the yaVDR distribution. It is a web-based channel string directory that can contain channels from different DVB providers and DVB types. It stores all data centrally in a SQLITE database. This makes it easy to work with the data and generate lookup tables for VDR core or plugins.

<http://channelpedia.yavdr.com/gen/de_uniqueIDs.html> (JSON files available for auto-assignment)

German language thread: <http://www.vdr-portal.de/board1-news/board2-vdr-news/111607-announce-entwurf-channelpedia-generiert-automatisch-unique-kanal-ids/>


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