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> Hi,
> As some of you might already know, I'm working on a way to
> semi-automatically assign unique channel IDs to channels of different DVB
> providers. As I currently don't have time to explain it in detail today, I
> will just post some links and join this discussion later on when I have more
> time to sit down and explain stuff. ;-)

Why not just patch VDR so it cycles through channels that use the same
channel number. No bothering with sql databases & dependency, no
altering the real channel numbers, no real pain that I can think of.
For example, say you have 3 different sources using the same channel

channel 100, dvb-s
channel 100, dvb-t
channel 100, dvb-c

You tune channel 100 from your remote, it tunes 100 dvb-s. Press 100
again and it tunes 100 dvb-t. And again, 100 dvb-c. And again, loop
back to 100 dvb-s. Also, instead of having to enter the channel number
to cycle through them, maybe just use different keys (skip +/-,
ffw/rew, some other keys) to cycle. If there's only one of that
channel number, the cycle keys don't do anything.

I like this idea far better than adding an sql dependency to VDR and I
see no reason why the above would be difficult to implement or use. If
I'm missing something, please let me know.

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