On 17.06.2012 14:59, Udo Richter wrote:
Why not just patch VDR so it cycles through channels that use the same
channel number. No bothering with sql databases&  dependency, no
altering the real channel numbers, no real pain that I can think of.
For example, say you have 3 different sources using the same channel

channel 100, dvb-s
channel 100, dvb-t
channel 100, dvb-c

You tune channel 100 from your remote, it tunes 100 dvb-s. Press 100
again and it tunes 100 dvb-t. And again, 100 dvb-c. And again, loop
back to 100 dvb-s. Also, instead of having to enter the channel number
to cycle through them, maybe just use different keys (skip +/-,
ffw/rew, some other keys) to cycle. If there's only one of that
channel number, the cycle keys don't do anything.

I have a similar idea that I've carried in my head for some time. The idea is to extend 
the "channel number" by another character, like '.'. That way you can store the 
dvb-s channel as 100.1, the dvb-t as 100.2, and so on. Or if you have the same channel in 
HD and SD, give SD the 100.3.

The channel number 100 would be an alias for one of the 100.x channels, 
ChUp/ChDown will go to 101 or 99 directly. Recordings for channel 100 will also 
pick the first available of them. By hitting a '.' key on the remote, you can 
still enter the sub level, where ChUp/ChDown cycles between 100.x channels, or 
for timers to record from a specific source. Hitting '.' again could return to 
the top level of numbers.

Well, none of the remote controls I have has a '.' key.


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