On 18.06.2012 11:27, mtron wrote:
On 06/17/2012 02:16 PM, Klaus Schmidinger wrote:

Concerning whether to use the longer or the shorter version of the
name+source, I would choose the shorter version to not increase chances
of the new name not fitting in the OSD. Thus:

      ZDF (S)
      ZDF (T)
      ZDF (C)

After sleeping over this for a night I tend to follow your idea of using
names directly, thus having them appear everywhere.

I won't change these names in channels.conf, though (this file shall always
store what comes from the broadcaster - provided it is enabled in the
I'll rather

- Make a setup option to "Show channel names with source" (default is
- Modify cChannel::Name() and cChannel::ShortName() to optionally
   append the source character (A, C, S, T, I, ...) to the channel name
   in the (short) form mentioned above.

Hello Klaus!

Just in case you miss this: Your patch puts a '(' after a channel
Category defined with ':CategoryName' in channels.conf

here is a screenshot:  http://i.imgur.com/maSlV.jpg?1

Thanks, I did miss that.
Will fix it after my vacation ;-)


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