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On Mon, Jul 23, 2012 at 2:21 AM,<oliver+l...@schinagl.nl>  wrote:
VDR currently assumes all remote controls have the same order of buttons.
This is not always the case. This patch allows you to change the order
of buttons in the UI.

This feature obviously only works on patched skins. Classic, lcars and
sttng skins are patched. Unpatched skins will remain to work fine, but
will ignore button order. Patching of the skin takes very minimum effort.

The ability to customize the order of the colored buttons is something
I was hoping to see in the VDR
reboot/redesign/next-generation/whatever, after 2.0 is released. If
your patch is adopted before that,
I would hope so, it is a rather trivial patch

I don't think an altered button
order should be displayed if the skin doesn't support it since it
could cause confusion for the user -- more specifically the wives and
kids in VDR world. :)
Indeed :)

In other words,
does the skin support button reorder?
   if yes, then reorder them in the osd
   if no, do not reorder them in the osd

It should exactly do that. Button order is stored in VDR, but the skin decides whether it uses it or not.

I patched the default 3 skins included in VDR to follow the reordering. 3rd party skins I have not patched and thus are not using the re-ording. It is fully optional for skin devs. That said, in the skin it is also very trivial to use :)

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