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>> But is it really that necessary?
> I guess it depends on the point of view.
> It is right not all remotes provide the same key order, but the master plan 
> since over 10 years is "RGYB". So if a individual doesn't want to use a 
> remote following VDR's standard, should find a way around by themself, at 
> least from my point of view. But hence, functionality of the color buttons 
> remains still the same, even ist "YBRG" or what ever, pretty sure users get 
> used to it after a while ...

First, it's not true remote have followed some "master plan" for 10
years that's RGYB. You can buy several remotes right now, in 2012,
which don't follow this. Some systems that come with remotes, don't
follow this.

Next, good design accommodates as many users as possible -- that
should be the "VDR standard", not telling people to buy different
hardware, "get used to it", or create a workaround themselves (when
probably 99.9% of VDR users are not coders).

If what Oliver said is true, that this type of functionality is easy
to implement, what harm is being done by giving VDR users the ability
to better customize their system to suit their needs?

For the record, I also have a remote with a different button order. I
eventually would up spending extra money on one that matched VDR
because it's too bizarre to have ffw on the left and rew on the right.

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