On 09.09.2012 17:39, Gero wrote:
I sugested to leave the buttons and change their positions only, where as your
patch changes all but the positions. I think, your way is the hard one, but
the result for the user would be the same.

Ah, now I see what you mean. Something along the lines of

     int h = yb15 - yb14;
     int lutX[] = { xb02, xb06, xb10, xb14 };
     int lutW[] = { xb03 - xb02, xb07 - xb06, xb11 - xb10, xb15 - xb14 };
     osd->DrawText(lutX[Setup.ColorKey0], yb14, Red,    
Theme.Color(clrButtonRedFg),    Theme.Color(clrButtonRedBg),    font, 
lutW[Setup.ColorKey0], h, taLeft | taBorder);
     osd->DrawText(lutX[Setup.ColorKey1], yb14, Green,  
Theme.Color(clrButtonGreenFg),  Theme.Color(clrButtonGreenBg),  font, 
lutW[Setup.ColorKey1], h, taLeft | taBorder);
     osd->DrawText(lutX[Setup.ColorKey2], yb14, Yellow, 
Theme.Color(clrButtonYellowFg), Theme.Color(clrButtonYellowBg), font, 
lutW[Setup.ColorKey2], h, taLeft | taBorder);
     osd->DrawText(lutX[Setup.ColorKey3], yb14, Blue,   
Theme.Color(clrButtonBlueFg),   Theme.Color(clrButtonBlueBg),   font, 
lutW[Setup.ColorKey3], h, taLeft | taBorder);

Well, either way is OK.

Additionally I don't think, the button order is prominent enuf to rise them to
osd setup menu. Edit /etc/defaults (or similar files) would be fine for that
(like remote.conf)

Strange. First the button order is so important and then it's not important
enough to justify a setup menu option ;-)
But since the code is already there...


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