Am 26.11.2012 10:13, schrieb Oliver Schinagl:
> I'm thinking of getting into the whole satellite thing (DVB-T user for now) 
> and was searching for interesting DVB-S2
> tuners. I found that the l4m octopus/duoflex-s2 a very interesting device. 
> While expensive you can connect up to 8
> tuners! to a single PCI-e 1x lane (Bandwith should be more then enough). 
> While I know there is a octopus mini-pcie
> device, I heard that there where some PCB issues so decided on getting the 
> PCI-e version.
> I have tried googling for some up to date linux! information but found very 
> little. Are there any l4m/dd octopus/duoflex
> DVB-S2 (or even CAM/DVB-C/DVB-T) users here that can share their current (and 
> past) experiences? The tuner (only 1
> dualtuner board and the octopus) will set you back a good 200Euro so I want 
> to be sure that the devices is properly
> supported.

 I'm using a DuoFlex with a DVB-C/T dual tuner modul. How to build the latest 
drivers is described here (german only):

 If you'r using Ubuntu or yaVDR, there's the linux-media-dkms package with this 
driver included.
 My DVB-C/T card is working here for months with no problems. Second dual tuner 
is ordered... :)


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