Halim Sahin writes:
 > >  > Well this is not good news for users in germany because without a
 > >  > working cam, you can't watch much channels with dvb-c.
 > >  > Don't know but I can't understand, why cam
 > >  > handling must be done in userspace for these new cards.
 > > 
 > > CI works fine with the redirect mentioned above. You do not need any 
 > > copying in userspace in this case. 
 > Well the interface to decrypt an incoming encrypted stream differs from
 > other available dvb devices with ci.

In what way is the interface different after using the redirect?

 > In this case vdr needs to support two diferent ci systems.
 > Sending an encrypted stream from memory back to ci and get the decrypted
 > stream is nice to have but not the main use case for a dvb card.
 > In vdr-portal.de are some posts that redirects using szap czap etc and a
 > ci works. Q: is there a working solution for vdr as well?

There is no "solution" for szap/czap. You just set the redirect once and
it works like with any other CI hardware.


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