On 27-11-12 10:37, Ralph Metzler wrote:
Oliver Schinagl writes:
  > On 11/26/12 22:39, Oliver Schinagl wrote:
  > > On 11/26/12 21:28, Lars Hanisch wrote:
  > >> Hi,
  > >>
  > >> Am 26.11.2012 21:24, schrieb Oliver Schinagl:
  > >>> Why build it externally? I was quite certain that the ddbridge
  > >>> drivers are in mainline for a while now?
  > >>> Which modules to you select?
  > >>
  > >>   ddbridge is upstream with DVB-S2 support, but not the driver for my
  > >> C/T-module.
  > What C/T driver module are you using?
  > I do have a Terratec DVB-T dual (which does dvb-c too on 1 of the dual
  > tuners) which features the drxk demodulator. So I think your card should
  > be quite supported in mainline already.
  > even lists: \/ so unless I go digging into the linux-media code, I think
  > even dvb-CT support has been mainlined :)
  > static int port_has_drxk(struct i2c_adapter *i2c, int port)

The newer C/T modules use ST demods.
I think the DRX-K is also no longer being produced.
I bought a Terratec dual T PCI-e which features two DRX-K demods. While not the newest card, it's reasonably new and driver support is < 6 months old. I guess there's a huge batch of DRX-K's still being used up?

What demod/tuner is being used on the DVB-S2 bit? Just to know the state of support of the demod/tuner.


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