Oliver Schinagl writes:
 > > The newer C/T modules use ST demods.
 > > I think the DRX-K is also no longer being produced.
 > I bought a Terratec dual T PCI-e which features two DRX-K demods. While 
 > not the newest card, it's reasonably new and driver support is < 6 

More like > 6 year old card and driver. It only got remerged recently.

 > months old. I guess there's a huge batch of DRX-K's still being used up?

I guess but it is not being used on any new Digital Devices cards.

 > What demod/tuner is being used on the DVB-S2 bit? Just to know the state 
 > of support of the demod/tuner.


It uses the drivers stv090x and stv6110x which are also used by several 
different cards from other manufacturers and are working very well.


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