On 12/29/2012 01:14 PM, Helmut Auer wrote:

If there is really a need for that special unsupported plugin, then
the best way
to go would be that at least one of all those distributions, who
maintains that plugin, "republishes" it somewhere (AFAIR
projects.vdr-developer.org was invented for that?).

First step could be to apply all those patches that are required to
get the
plugin to work with current VDR *developer* versions.

If a plugin really is still needed by a bigger group of people, then it
definitively needs to be maintained at some *central* place. It
doesn't help if
every distribution creates their own patches. It's much better to

We are talking about > 100 Plugins. Maybe we can drop the half of these
but > 50 will be remaining ...

Nevertheless, hosting them on vdr-developer.org seems to be the best solution. If of those remaining, let's say, just the most wanted 10 to 30% of the plugins would find some "adoptive parents" we would have a "win" situation. Those maintainers do not have to commit themselves alone to keep the pace with vdr developer versions, rather several skilled users even, who are able to contribute patches now and then and also are interested in the specific plugins may jointly try to maintain the plugins they are interested in and would be otherwise orphaned, in that central place. Of course, distribution maintainers can join them too, but really, the central place is really important here, and the fact that such a plugin may be adapted to new API changes not just by one single person who might not be available for that at some point.

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