2013/3/6 Peter Münster <pmli...@free.fr>:
> On Wed, Mar 06 2013, Stephan Loescher wrote:
>> The workaround I use is to mount the server in a subdirectory e.g. mount the
>> server-directory to /net/media/data/video/servervideo and start the 
>> client-vdr
>> like this:
>> vdr -Pstreamdev-client -Pxineliboutput -v/net/media/data/video
> On Wed, Mar 06 2013, Udo Richter wrote:
>> You can always mount an unionfs or aufs on top of the read only mount,
>> and redirect all write access to a local disk or ram disk. That way VDR
>> will be able to write its status files without changing the source file
>> system.
> Hi Stephan and Udo,
> Unfortunately I don't understand. Could you please show examples?
> I have for example this directory:
> /net/media/data/video/Pippi-geht-von-Bord/2010-07-
> The slave (nfs-client) should read it, but it should not write anything
> to this directory (or its parents). Is this possible with your
> solutions?

With a union filesystem you can mount the lower level read only and
have an upper layer where changes get stored.
So yes - the master file system will for sure not be touched and you
can keep VDR as is and keep full functionality.

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