Am 08.03.2013 19:35, schrieb Stephan Loescher:
> When you use the suggested solution with unionfs, then the client uses
> the servers setup/timers/epg/etc. because it sees them in its
> /video-directory.

Only until the first write, after that the client will continue with its
local writable copy.

It is generally possible (and in a network shared environment also a
good idea) to have config files in a different place, and just
recordings within /video. If you definitely want shared (read-only)
config files, I'd suggest using symbolic links, like
/etc/vdr/channels.conf -> /net/media/data/vdr-config/channels.conf.
Solves a lot of problems, like clients trying to record the same as the
server because of same timers.conf, or not having to configure
streamdev-client on the server.



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