On Fri, Mar 08 2013, Stephan Loescher wrote:

> The VDR-client is started this way:
> vdr -Pstreamdev-client -Pxineliboutput -v /video

Thanks, now I understand: /video is writable by vdr. I don't want
that: the client sees the same setup files (also the timers) as the
server, so the client would try to record the same as the server.
The client should not be able to record anything.

Thanks also to Steffen and Udo for your suggestions. I'm sure, that the
unionfs or aufs solutions would work, but I would like to keep things as
simple as possible: an ro-nfs-mount and a patched vdr.c work quite well.

I've just finished my vdr-setup: http://pmrb.free.fr/vdr/
Any comments are welcome!


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