Hi István,

On Fri, 29 Nov 2013 12:17:58 +0200, Füley István wrote
> Let's say, that my /dev/dvb/adapter0 is providing 3 channels: CH1, 
> CH2, CH3, and my adapter 1 is providing 4 channels: CH1..CH4. On the 
> main vdr I'm watching CH1 using adapter 1. Until the client is 
> watching CH1..CH3, I have no problem watching the server vdr, as the 
> client uses adapter0. As the client switches to CH4, the main VDR 
> also switches to CH4, as it can stream it only using my currently 
> being used adapter1. I tried several priority setups to handle this, 
> but I wasn't able to change this behaviour. My goal would be, to be 
> 100% sure, that whatever happens on the client side, it shouldn't 
> affect the one who is watching the server (and the client should get 
> a "channel not available" message.)

The "channel not available" message is the expected behaviour when a negative
priority is configured on the client. With a priority of 0 or higher on the
client, the client should get CH4. The server would then switch to CH1 on
adapter0 if adapter0 isn't in use with priority >= 0, otherwise switch to CH4
with a "streaming active" message.

Can you confirm with the current 0.6.1 releases on client and server that the
problem still exists if you configure a negative priority on the clients? If
yes, I'll try to reproduce your setup at home.


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