On Sat, 30 Nov 2013 16:36:14 -0800, VDR User wrote
> If his recordings stream fine and the problem is only with live tv,
> how could that possibly be network congestion?

I should have written "temporary network congestion".

When streaming a recording, the client can pre-buffer data to prevent buffer
underruns. With live TV this is not possible as data becomes available just in
time. So fluctuations in the available network bandwidth could have an impact.
The fact that streamdev uses TCP to transmit the stream might be an additional
problem here as packet loss leads to retransmission.

As Morfsta is able to view HD recordings while he seems to get problems even
with SD live TV, bandwith alone surely isn't the problem. But temporary
congestion or high packet loss due to e.g. interference sound reasonable to me.


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