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> Hi,
> On Sat, 30 Nov 2013 16:36:14 -0800, VDR User wrote
> > If his recordings stream fine and the problem is only with live tv,
> > how could that possibly be network congestion?
> I should have written "temporary network congestion".
> When streaming a recording, the client can pre-buffer data to prevent
> buffer
> underruns. With live TV this is not possible as data becomes available
> just in
> time. So fluctuations in the available network bandwidth could have an
> impact.
> The fact that streamdev uses TCP to transmit the stream might be an
> additional
> problem here as packet loss leads to retransmission.
> As Morfsta is able to view HD recordings while he seems to get problems
> even
> with SD live TV, bandwith alone surely isn't the problem. But temporary
> congestion or high packet loss due to e.g. interference sound reasonable
> to me.
> Regards,
> Frank
Difficult to trace these problems isn't it? I get a sustained transfer rate
when copying files over of around 15MB/sec - so I would have thought this
would be ample for SD and HD streaming?

I was just surprised to find very few options to play with in streamdev
with regard to buffer sizes etc. I presume this is by design and the way in
which it works?
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