Hi Morfsta,

On Fri, 29 Nov 2013 14:35:03 +0000, Morfsta wrote
> I have been using the VDR Samsung SmartTV VDR plugin which relies on
> streamdev for transfer of live channels over the network and it uses 
> its own proprietary implementation for the transfer of recordings. I 
> have tried using it over wifi as well as powerline. The recordings 
> (SD and HD) play flawlessly over the network, however the streaming 
> of live channels using streamdev results in regular buffering (SD 
> and HD) and eventually the TV just gives up playing them. Is there 
> any buffer options or other configurable settings within streamdev 
> that might alleviate this problem? I can't seem to find much that 
> would help.

Maybe you suffer from some sort of network congestion. Currently there's no
buffering option. Streamdev starts streaming as soon as possible. Try adding a
short delay at the beginning of  void cStreamdevWriter::Action(void) in file
server/streamer.c, e.g. cCondWait::SleepMs(500);


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