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> Hi,
> it was about time to publish a streamdev release for VDR 2.0.
> Streamdev-0.6.1
> is now available from
> http://projects.vdr-developer.org/projects/plg-streamdev/files. The server
> plugin requires at least VDR 1.7.25. The client plugin should even work
> with
> VDR 1.6. On VDR version up to 1.7.33 the Makefiles have to be replaced by
> the
> old versions which are shipped along with the source.

Hi Frank,

Thanks for all your hard work with streamdev.

I have been using the VDR Samsung SmartTV VDR plugin which relies on
streamdev for transfer of live channels over the network and it uses its
own proprietary implementation for the transfer of recordings. I have tried
using it over wifi as well as powerline. The recordings (SD and HD) play
flawlessly over the network, however the streaming of live channels using
streamdev results in regular buffering (SD and HD) and eventually the TV
just gives up playing them. Is there any buffer options or other
configurable settings within streamdev that might alleviate this problem? I
can't seem to find much that would help.

Look forward to hearing from you and TIA.
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