> I am still struggling howto get accelerated video playback going. Now the A20 
> uses 70% CPU to playback a SD stream. I will look into using the android 
> driver with a linux wrapper around it. It should be doable, somebody on this 
> list reported success (but I didn't ask him for a howto)
> The board can be clocked from 90MHz .. 1GHz. I have yet to measure the power 
> consumption, but the chip gets quite hot (about 80 degrees) when running at 
> 1GHz continuously without heat sink.

How stable is it overclocked that high? Also, how long have you been
doing that? I don't know what the thermal tolerance is for the A20 but
doesn't low power design not play nice with high temps? I would think
without adding at least some cooling, overclocking that much will send
it to see the grim reaper much much sooner...?

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