Oh, hi, Martin! Long time no see.

Are you still using the old softdevice? I would have never guessed someone is still using it :-)

Yes! I was in "stealth mode" for several years, until I finally upgraded the software (Debian+VDR) from 2006 less than a year ago.

I tried to contribute some patches to make softdevice work with current VDR. It seemed that the mailing list archive was corrupted. I have been thinking of cloning the old CVS repository and committing my patches on top of it. Not that I expect anyone else to use it. It is mainly for preserving the history. :) Do you have any tips how to do that?

I'm using an ARM-Based Qnap-NAS as vdr server, it works really well with an USB DVB-T Dual-Tuner, and xineliboutput. I'm in the process of upgrading to a Cubietruck and a raspberry pi as client, but due to lack of time I have not got very far.

OK, I see. I would prefer an all-in-one solution (HDMI output, DVB-T input, Ethernet and hard disk in a single device). This would seem to be doable with an ARM board that supports SATA devices. On the RPi I would not expect it to work, due to everything sharing the single USB bus.

Another interesting development is this plugin that I sometimes use with my Samsung SmartTV: http://projects.vdr-developer.org/projects/plg-smarttvweb/. I basically only use softdevice on speakerless VGA monitor for cutting recordings.


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