Hi Marko,

Am 08.07.14 13:34, schrieb Marko Mäkelä:
Like you say, it would be useful if the tuners and also the HDMI output
were suspended.

I wonder if it is possible to detect if anything is connected to the
HDMI output and powered on? If the HDMI attached display is disconnected
or powered off, it would make sense to suspend the video and audio
output (also on the electrical level) and detach all receivers that are
not being used for any recordings.

I like this idea :-)

According to this http://www.raspberrypi.org/forums/viewtopic.php?&t=18292 post it is possible to detect if a monitor is connected. Not sure what happens if the monitor is switched off...

Maybe tvservice can also be used (http://elinux.org/RPiconfig):
# /opt/vc/bin/tvservice -m CEA
Group CEA has 0 modes:

# /opt/vc/bin/tvservice -m DMT
Group DMT has 0 modes:

with no monitor connected. Unfortunately I'm not at home so I can't try out what happens if you connect a monitor, switch in on/off, etc...

For what it is worth, when I started using softdevice (not softhddevice)
several years ago, I developed a method that allows the video decoding
to be suspended when there is no interactive user (the system got
nvram-wakeup by timer, not by the user pressing the Power button). With
a software decoder, it is not only about power savings; it is also about
avoiding crashes when the decoder is buggy and you get a glitch in the
signal. I am still using the years-old hardware. I am interested in

Are you still using the old softdevice? I would have never guessed someone is still using it :-)

I must admit that I switched to the xineliboutput plugin years ago. I was missing the network features...

upgrading to something ARM-based (Cubieboard?) at some point, maybe when
USB DVB-T2 dongles become commodity (shortly after DVB-T2 is introduced
in Germany, I hope).

I'm using an ARM-Based Qnap-NAS as vdr server, it works really well with an USB DVB-T Dual-Tuner, and xineliboutput. I'm in the process of upgrading to a Cubietruck and a raspberry pi as client, but due to lack of time I have not got very far.



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