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>Van : eikesa...@t-online.de
>Datum : 21/11/2014 19:56
>Aan : vdr@linuxtv.org
>Onderwerp : [vdr] Want to have Permashift in your own language?
>I want to publish a maintenance release for Permashift 
>(http://ein-eike.de/vdr-plugin-permashift-english/) and 
>thought about including some translations. I've already 
>got German, English and Russian. 
>If you'd like your favorite language to be included, it's as 
>easy as translating the following 7 texts. For support of 
>SD TV displays it would be good to have every line except 
>the first two to be smaller than say 35 characters, if possible.
>Full line texts
>* "Permashift out of memory!"
>* "Press key to continue permanent timeshift"
>Short texts
>* "Auto-buffer live TV"
>* "Enable plugin"
>* "Memory buffer size"
>* "Buffer saving blocks rewind"
>(This means that pressing rewind results first in saving of the 
>whole buffer and rewinding has to wait for that time. To be 
>honest, I found that hard to express that short even in my 
>mother language...)
>* "Maximum recording length (hours)"
>               Eike
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Hi Eike,

Personally I don't mind setting the language of the software I run to English. 
I am however a native speaker in dutch, so I can provide a list of 
translations. If there are multiple translations possible, I give more than one 
option. All the different translations have slightly different meanings.

"Permashift out of memory!"
Permashift heeft geen geheugen meer!
Geheugen van Permashift is vol!
Permashift heeft geen ruimte meer!

"Press key to continue permanent timeshift"
Druk op toets voor uitgesteld kijken
Druk op toets voor permanent uitgesteld kijken
Druk op toets om uitgesteld kijken voort te zetten.

"Auto-buffer live TV"
directe TV met automatische buffer
directe TV (auto-buffer)

 "Enable plugin"
Toepassing activeren
plugin activeren

"Memory buffer size"
Geheugengrootte buffer

Buffer saving blocks rewind
terugspoelen wacht op veiligstellen buffer
terugspoelen wacht op opslaan buffer
terugspoelen geblokkeerd, wacht op opslaan buffer

 "Maximum recording length (hours)"
Maximale opnametijd (uren)

Kind regards,

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