Am 2015-04-15 00:55, schrieb Niedermeier Günter:
Am 14.04.2015 um 09:56 schrieb Gerald Dachs:
Am 2015-04-14 08:59, schrieb Matthias Wächter:
While streamdev and VNSI/XVDR solve some of the issues, most notably
the multi-client dependency, they create new ones. No native OSD with
VNSI/XVDR, VDR configuration synchronization hassle with streamdev.

use softhddevice + vdr + streamdev-client on the clients and connect to a streamdev-server on the main vdr.


Well, that works so far, but it is not an effective substitute for the
functionality of vdr-sxfe,
at least not for what I use it mainly. All functions run on the remote
machine, and only the screen is
transferred to the local machine.

This solution, or the already mentioned possibility with Kodi and vnsi/xvdr, are the only supported ways currently.
If this is not good for you, then start coding.


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