On Tue, Apr 21, 2015 at 12:41:57PM +0300, Petri Hintukainen wrote:
> Do you mean setting the marks (and letting remote VDR to do the actual
> editing) ? Or using VDR in RPi to cut recordings ? Cutting with RPi is
> probably very slow and consumes lot of limited I/O resources.
> For setting editing marks - probably, I'm not sure. I rarely edit

Yes sure. With vdr-{sxfe,fbfe} you get a remote OSD from the server VDR, i.e.
you work on the server, not the RPi. No data is transferred over the net
except the OSD when cutting. 

> Latency with 100Mbit/s ethernet is not noticeable. It can be even faster

For SD 100 MBit is fine. For HD it should be okay also. As far as Wifi, 54
MBit is okay-ish for SD but better go for 300 on 5 GHz (to make sure the
wifi is near-exclusively used for the VDR link). 

> One possible source of problems is audio decoding performance. I'm not
> EAC3 ?). AC3 decoding uses ~ half of RPi CPU time. Here the additional
> CPU power of RPi 2 would be useful.

Better use HDMI pass-through and have the AC3 receiver decode the stream. The Pi
has only a 2.0 analog output anyway, so there's little point in decoding on
the Pi. 

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