you're right it's maybe possible to stack channels somewhat, but not on the 
user end of the "one cable". It must be "stacked" on the other end of the "one 
cable" and splitted again on the user side of that cable. And here's the 
problem, there are VDR users out there they cannot change the hardware on the 
other end, either not allowed or technically not possible. See my other message 
for the varied reasons ...

As Andreas said we need to deal here with 4 sync levels on the European Astra 
satellites, to cover every all channels, horizontal-high, horizontal-low, 
vertical-high, vertical-low. So, any multiswitch does need 4 input cables from 
LNB, one for each level, to deliver every channel. The Multiswitch can then be 
a model working along CENELEC EN50494/EN50607, SCR/CSS, what does deliver 
multiple user bands over one cable and than splitted on user side.


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