Adding vdsm-devel, which is where such changes should be considered.

It looks like in the future this may be a good choice, but we'll
still need to support existing implementations, as well as colleague
distro's who still do not have a proper systemd implementation.
BTW, Gentoo is using ~29-r1 which is still unstable in portage tree.

Any input from vdsm dev's on systemd scripts?

On Monday 21 November 2011 13:23:05 Dimitrije Zivkovic wrote:
> Hi,
>   so, since I'm also migrating my system from OpenRC to systemd - pure
> systemd, no OpenRC compatibility, would it be any help to set the condition
> that ovirt-node requires systemd? I mean, the question here is ( and I
> think it is worth asking it ) is it worth the time and effort to keep
> parallel scripts and stuff?
> If using systemd means that, for now, init standards are no longer an
> issue, maybe that should be the way to go? Setup ovirt-node under systemd
> for now and solve init scripts problems later? Is systemd mature enough to
> inherit SysV or OpenRC completly? Or am I somehow wrong?
> My system is working with systemd quite nice, no obvious problems so far...
> PS. Maybe someone could point out what is the minimal set of services
> needed to run on ovirt-node system/computer? So just to check if systemd
> has needed scripts already...
> On Mon, Nov 21, 2011 at 11:58 AM, Doron Fediuck <> wrote:
> > Taking Dimitrije's issue as an example, we hit the first
> > conflict; Gentoo is using OpenRC by default (and has some BSD-style
> > leftovers), while RedHat and Fedora are using their SysV-style
> > implementation, which confirms to LSB. Also, some Fedora services
> > are moving to systemd implementation. Obviously these implementations
> > are not trivial to bridge. So where Fedora's script will have
> > "Required-Start:"
> > Gentoo will use a depend() function (see vixie-cron as a sample).
> > So unless we find a magical bridge for init standards, we'll have
> > to have several init scripts, and each distro will use it's own
> > script. We can try and generalize it, to make sure distor's
> > with similar implementations use the same script.
> >



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