On Wed, Nov 27, 2013 at 04:38:54AM -0500, Yedidyah Bar David wrote:
> Hi all,
> While looking at [1], and reading the source of bridge.py of 
> ovirt-hosted-engine-setup
> and of ovirt-host-deploy, I think the correct thing will be for addNetwork to 
> not
> require either bootproto=dhcp or ipaddr/netmask/etc., but to take this from 
> the existing
> conf of the nics to be put inside the bridge.
> Does this make sense?
> [1] https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=1013666

I do not think it does: addNetwork was designed to set up a network
accroding to a complete definition thereof. The current state and the
configuration of the underlying devices is intentionally overridden.

addNetwork's default for bootproto is not to set it in the ifcfg file
(which initscript translates to "none", i.e. static). Other users of
addNetwork may already rely on that, and forcing them to change is not
realistic (particularly given our willingness to deprecate
addNetwork/delNetwork/editNetwork in favor of setupNetworks).

The suggested logic is particularly fuzzy if we consider the fact that
addNetwork may set multiple ifcfg files. Which bootproto should it
select as a default if it is building a bond on top of 3 nics?

I assume that hosted-engine-setup has an argument for selecting the
management interface. I see no way around having it receive
--ipaddr/--netmask/--gateway/--bootproto too, or doing the guestwork

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