Ok its not the book,  which is readily available but the rareness of the 
edition  which determines the price.
Gary S. 
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  This kind of looks like the one...?


  Wes Wad
  Bend, Oregon

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    Can you give the title, author and year of publication please?
    Gary s.
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      Mark - 

      Being something of a history buff and a bibliophile, I would be very 
excited to see that book.  I hope you handle it only with white cotten editing 


      Joe Fusco, Sr.
      Member of The Missouri Trout Fishermen’s Association, The International 
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        Mark Sends

        May your GOD be your fishing partner.  
        Date: Tue, 1 Sep 2009 13:03:24 -0600

        Rick, when you come over.........and IF you remember.........cause i'll 
forget most likely..........ask me to show you a VERY rare and special 
book........it's a book about the flies she used.........there are only a very 
limited number of copies in the world and we have one. A friend of Misa's 
bought it for her as a gift. VERY expensive gift. I can't even remember who it 
was now, but Misa can tell you.
        You gotta see this book Bro. Its a trip. "The Flies of Dame Juliana 
Berners" or something like that. Misa was on the board of an all womens fly 
fishing club in Manhattan for 4 years, when we still lived there full time in 
the 90's.....The Juliana Berners Anglers. 

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              from Jim P

              “There is more to fishing than catching fish” - Attributed to 
Dame Juliana Berners, fifteenth century 


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