Best of luck to you Chuck.....with all the passion you have for the 
subject.....i'm sure it'll be a real fun read. You can count on me to pick up a 
copy. But i'll need your John Hancock in there. 

Subject: [VFB] Re: QFTD
Date: Thu, 8 Oct 2009 00:43:52 -0500

Mark: Yeah, It's the first fly fishing/tying book I ever bought and I have read 
mine probably a dozen times. In my book, I do my level best NOT to talk about 
the exact things they talk about, but it's hard not to , cause so many things 
overlap. I just really do think there is room for another bluegill book on the 
market..Don't get me wrong. The Wilson's is an AWESOME book. I just think that 
if Trout can have thousands of books, then a bluegill should be able to have at 
least two, specially since it is the MOST sought after fish species (at least 
freshwater) bar none. Thing is, there's not so many zillions of money in the 
latest and greatest (expensive) tackle lures, fly patterns etc as there are for 
other species to make all that money off of.  And, I have wanted to write a 
book all my life, so it was a perfect fit. I was just waiting for a subject 
(cause all I wish to write is non fiction) that I felt strongly enough about to 
write a whole book, and that happened to be fly fishing/tying for bluegills 
(the working title is "How to catch 100 Bluegills per day on a Fly Rod"). Man, 
thing that slows me down is that I'm a redneck  hillbilly trying to write a 
book without murdering the king's English too bad LOL. Plus, I get to put great 
pics of my kids and grandkids fly fishing (and catching bluegills) with me in 
the book, and that is a great feeling. Good thing I have a great editor (Mr. 
Fish) who stays on my A$$. I think he has worn out about three red ink pens 
making corrections and the book is just over half finished LOLOL. Sorry for 
writing a book here LOL.. Chuck
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Chuck, you ever see Terry and Rozanne Wilson's book bout Gils and such? i'll 
look and see the exact title later on tonight when i go downstairs.......
Btw Peg.....i found the Art Flick book your were referring to the other 
day........the one that has a chapter in it by Schweibert on hair wing Salmon 
flies..........i knew i had that puppy.........been forever since i checked it 
out last..........

Subject: [VFB] Re: QFTD
Date: Wed, 7 Oct 2009 23:49:33 -0500

And this reminds me. I have over half a book written about fly fishing/tying 
for bluegills and I need to get back to work and finish it, cause they are the 
MOST caught species of freshwater fish caught, PERIOD, yet one of the least 
written about. Chuck
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HIll country 
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Subject: [VFB] QFTD

"Bluegills actutally are one of the most popular fly rod species in the 
Midwest, at least in terms of numbers caught.  They aren't talked or written 
about as much as other species, but their available and willing to take a fly."
Tim Holschlag     July 2009  "MidWest Fly Fishing"

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