I should of used my Spell Check.

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I am right handed and I cast with my right hand and reel 
in with my left.  To me, casting and holding the rod with my 
dominant hard/arm is more important than reeling-in. That is why all my Hardy 
Perfects are the more expensive and difficult to obtain left hand wind models, 
as are my all spinning reels and baitcast reels.
Neville (Nev) Gosling
Greater Vancouver,
B.C. Canada 

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      I find doing it tat way is easire for me 

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          Reeling left-handed
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          That's really what I do Tony.  I rarely reel 
          a fish in, unless it's a big one and I have to regain line that I've 
          lost.  Guess I just didn't explain myself correctly. 


Anthony Spezio wrote:

                Jimmy, Next time on the stream, strip with your 
                  left hand and let the line lay on the water, try controlling 
                  the line through your left hand and stay off the reel. See if 
                  that works for you. That is what I do. Actually I slip the 
                  line between  my index finger and the grip. The drag is 
                  controlled there and the left hand feeds the line. This may 
                  not be the right way of doing it but it works 
                  well for me.





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