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(to do Flash Video well is
still rather difficult for the individual, there are many steps
involved and you have to be rather proficient with Flash, which is
both expensive and confusing).

I'm hardly proficient in Flash. I have the full software (got it at a bargain price), but have hardly used it. I got Sorenson Squeeze instead which is a lot easier.

Thanks to something you said in here a week or so ago, I'm now using the lovely Flash player by Jeroen Wijering. This involves a bit more fiddling - it wouldn't be hard for someone more proficient than I to take his player a step further towards user-friendliness. <hint hint>

FWIW, I have rarely if ever had anyone say they couldn't see/play my videos. And I have had several compliments from people who really like the way it looks on the page.

I don't buy the argument that its hard for people to install
Quicktime. Its just as hard to install the latest Flash Player plugin
if that's the case (the newest Flash Video requires version 8 of the
Flash plugin). If you are dealing with some sort of corporate blockage
when it comes to installing programs, then you won't be able to
install Flash plugin either.

I wouldn't have thought so, but, in spite of repeated installs of QuickTime (in FireFox), there were some sites whose QT video I simply couldn't play - HumanDog was one, to my great frustration. With the new 1.5 version of Firefox it seems to be even more broken - I ran into a site recently that crashed the browser completely if I tried to play a QT video.

OTOH, I've never had a problem with Flash. YMMV.

All in all I have no problem with Flash Video. I do think however that
it is more often used to restrict the freedom of the viewer and
control the experience from the point of view of the service provider
(which may not be the same as the content creator) rather than to
enhance the experience for the viewer. If I want to download and view
the video later why shouldn't I be able to? If I want to put it on an
iPod, why can't I? If I want to aggregate it with other videos so that
I can view things in offline and skip around seemlessly, why not?

From what I can tell, a lot more people are viewing my SWF files in whatever aggregator than are viewing the FLV files directly on my site. So I don't see what the problem is?

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