I'mm apparently missing half the conversation but... what the heck is FireANT's traffic rpresentative to in comparison to iTunes... and next too google... really all of us are insignificant...  But google would never say... what's the significance of my tiny little site ... when someone does a search for "michael meiser" I'm more than significant enough, in fact I'm the omnipitent mast of my domain bitches. :)

This is like rocketboom pissing on other vlogs, not that they have... in the big picture the difference between a rocketboom and a Dierdre Straighan isn't really a difference at all.. their both pretty long tail. What's important is in aggregate we're begining to be one significant as mother fucking aspect of media.... much like open source software and the blogs that have come before us.

So, this sounds like an a-list blogger pissing contest.  BTW, on a related note Crooks and Liars trounced Rocketboom in the webbys.  I don't know if you follow Crooks and Liars, but if you do you should ask yourself what's significant. Rocketboom is representative of me... Dierdre's website is representitive of me and that's all I give a crap about. It's the first visitor that matters and that's me.

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On Dec 24, 2005, at 4:28 AM, Deirdre Straughan wrote:

On 12/23/05, Joshua Kinberg <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

At the risk of sounding like a jerk, do you really think your site
gets enough traffic to provide a representative sample of anything?

Uh, yeah, that did sound pretty jerky.

A small sample is nonetheless a sample, especially when it can be compared to itself via relative number of downloads of different formats of the same video. Perhaps my sample of viewers is MORE representative of the general Internet population since my viewers are mostly NOT videobloggers but "ordinary folks" looking for material about specific topics (Italy, mostly), rather than searching within the general category "videoblogs". Videobloggers tend to have every possible video codec installed already; my viewers probably don't. So the fact that they seem to be successfully viewing Flash on my site does seem to me to have some useful meaning to the folks who ask about Flash in this group.

As for viewership, we are all (even Rocketboom) way out on the long tail, so I don't see a lot of point in playing "My Feedburner's bigger than yours." My audience is small but growing, and I'm having fun with it - that's good enough for me.

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