Deidre, there's all sorts of ways one might link be viewing your videos outside of a software based aggregator even if they're not visual links in the page. To start with Mefeedia will make those visible... but far more importantly... if you are using feedburner... all the mRSS information would be handed off to Yahoo video search... I get crazy amounts of traffic from yahoo video search. It makes no difference wether the video is simply a hidden enclusure or a visible link to such intermediaries.


On Dec 24, 2005, at 11:41 AM, Deirdre Straughan wrote:

Representative or not, the actual statistics may tell us something.

I have one video (so far) that is available in the three formats under discussion:

M4V - viewed in iTunes, but also by some feed readers/aggregators.
SWF - viewable in some feed readers/aggregators.

NB: For this particular video (carols), neither the the M4V nor the SWF is linked from anywhere on the site except my RSS feed, so presumably all views of these are coming through readers of some sort. And FeedBurner doesn't nearly cover this number, because many people are subscribed directly to my original feed on my site (trying to shift everything to FeedBurner, that will take time).

Which video is picked up by which aggregator and why is a mystery to me. FireANT shows both, some show one or the other randomly for no reason that I can figure out.

FLV - viewable (as far as I understand) only on the web page <> where the player is also available.

I ran an Analog report from Dec 9th (when these files were posted) to today. Here are the rsesults:

225     8.49%    24/Dec/05 00:27    /video/carols.m4v
127         24/Dec/05 00:03 (I have two domain names right now)
352 total m4vs

155     7.46%    23/Dec/05 19:45    /video/carols.flv

28     1.35%    23/Dec/05 05:25    /video/carols.swf

So, Josh is right: FLV is viewed on the page more than SWFs are downloaded/viewed in aggregators. But M4V whips the pants off both. I would really LOVE for Apple to be giving us all some stats from iTunes...

It is worth noting that, over this same period, 3679 SWFs in total were viewed, one way or another, vs 1209 views of other types of video on my site (M4V, MOV, MP4, and WMV). I will have to look more closely at the details to see how significant this is, however, as about half of my videos only exist in SWF (I started doing M4Vs in October, and use WMVs only for special purposes which require high quality).

Michael,  I don't think I qualify as an A-list blogger, but thanks for the compliment of saying so!

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