* Grant Taylor <drscri...@gmail.com> [170808 13:04]:
> On Tuesday, 8 August 2017 12:27:13 UTC-6, Tim Johnson  wrote:
> > When I select some text in visual mode and then press ;cc
> > the selected text is copied _twice_ to the clipboard 
> What happens if you use the following sequence?
> "+y
> That should copy the selected (hilighted) text into the X11 clipboard.
> "*y
> That should copy the selected (hilighted) text into the X11 primary selection 
> buffer.
> (Where "copy" is subject to the typical X11 issues with the source program 
> still being available.)
 Yes, "*y copies to the clipboard - in a version of vim, where the clipboard 
 are enabled. And only copies once.
 I've done a little more testing with different vim binaries on my

 The /usr/bin/vim.gnome binary, which is what I am using as my
 default MC editor does not have the redundant copy issue when
 running xsel as an external app.
 The /usr/bin/vim binary is where the redundant copy occurs.
 I'd conclude that some other feature in /usr/bin/vim is causing

 Both /usr/bin/vim and /usr/bin/vim.gnome have both clipboard and
 xterm_clipboard enabled.

 Happily, if I were to use /usr/bin/vim.basic, which does *not* have
 clipboard features enabled, then the xsel call works without

 Not a big deal, just curious ....
 thanks for the reply
http://www.akwebsoft.com, http://www.tj49.com

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