I am using Windows Remote Desktop to connect to a CentOS7.2 box with a
NVIDIA GeForce GT 720 graphics card.  I also have a NVIDIA Tesla K40c on it
as well.

I am using TigerVNC and XRDP and then launching workbench with

vglrun runwb2

Everything seems to work ok, except when I try to open "System Coupling".

Then I get

[VGL] ERROR: in init--
[VGL] 218: Invalid argument
Exception caught in virtual
Ans::Graphics::Scene::EventProcessor::~EventProcessor() @line176

Then Workbench closes immediately with no other error message

I am very new to using VNC, and Remote Desktop to access Linux, as well as
even newer to OpenGL and VirtualGL.

Does anyone know what is going on?  Or if someone else is using ANSYS and
can duplicate this error?

I have ANSYS on another machine running CentOS7.2.  It does not have a
NVIDIA graphics card.  Actually I'm not even sure what kind of graphics
card it is running, but it definitely isn't a good one.  It runs just
fine.  I can open ANSYS without VirtualGL just with runwb2 and can open
System Coupling and it seems to run just fine.  I do get error in the
WorkbenchLog files which state that I don't have hardware acceleration.


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