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I have not heard of that particular thermal run away reaction that you have
> listed below but would find it interesting to follow up on.

I heard about it from Gene Mallove, but no details were forthcoming. It is
tragic that they did not follow up on it. They lost their nerve. That's
understandable, but this is the most important discovery in the history of
technology, so they should have done something to pursue it. Perhaps bring
in a National Lab or try again on a smaller scale. Abandoning it like that
was tragic. This is one of the many failures to follow up in the history of
cold fusion.

> The recent negative information that is coming out pertaining to Rossi is
> beginning to concern me and your example seems like just the medicine
> needed to cure that problem.

This event has no bearing on Rossi. Thermacore is an excellent company.
Their presentation at MIT and their papers are far more informative than
anything Rossi ever published. I do not see how a credible experiment from
Thermacore enhances Rossi.

This also does not detract from Srinivasan and others who were not able to
produce heat with Ni-H systems.

I will grant that a positive result in one lab does add credibility to the
report of a positive lab from another lab done with similar techniques and
materials. That is why I gave Rossi the benefit of the doubt despite his
dubious methods. I knew there were other positive reports of Ni-H heat,
although they are sporadic and poorly documented compared to Pd-D. But the
benefit of the doubt can only go so far. In the end, a researcher has to
present a coherent report to be believed. Rossi said he did not want to be
believed. He said the proof would come with a commercial device. I think
that is a fair standard. He has every right to keep secrets from the
public. So I stopped paying attention to him. I did not think much about
him until I.H. announced on March 10 that they disagreed with his analysis.
He did not have to convince the public but he *did* have a contractual
obligation to convince I.H. He failed. That's bad news!

- Jed

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