AFAIK this kind of reaction is regularly observed by accident in various
similar situations.

most don't know they see LENR. they just see they have to redo all again.

2016-05-19 22:53 GMT+02:00 Jones Beene <>:

> Dave,
> You are not alone – few know of this incident. But it’s not a sensible
> choice to base anything regarding the validity of LENR on Rossi’s
> problems with IH. The technology will survive, but Rossi’s lack of
> credibility could taint the field and impede progress for years.
> The Thermacore runaway, as impressive as it was, has not previously been
> reported. To put it (the runaway) into context, there had already been a
> fatality at SRI a few years before (unrelated). It was not known back
> then, in the mid-nineties, whether the reaction was safe or not especially
> when drastically scaled up (2-3 orders of magnitude). The Thermacore
> incident was not reported for any number of legal and liability reasons, not
> to mention OSHA - and the project was canceled immediately.
> The Company was only interested in the scale-up potential of it, so it
> was nixed. Ahern’s sources of information on this are impeccable.
> BTW – to my knowledge, no one since then has tried an experiment with a
> similarly large mass of potentially active material but it could easily
> be the case that there is a “critical mass” equivalent, even if that term
> is shoehorned into QM (or CQM).
> There are in fact, a number of scientific papers on “entanglement mass”
> which would be the corollary. I’m glad they weren’t  using deuterium.
> *From:* David Roberson
> Jones,
> Is it possible to find another source to back up what you are describing
> in this event?   A second written record would be fine if available.
> I have not heard of that particular thermal run away reaction that you
> have listed below but would find it interesting to follow up on.  The
> recent negative information that is coming out pertaining to Rossi is
> beginning to concern me and your example seems like just the medicine
> needed to cure that problem.

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