Now that you mention it, and realizing how enticing/dangerous it would be to a 
certain segment of the population, the hope is that no one gets hurt trying it. 

We have seen crazy stunts with thermite and other energetic materials on 
YouTube. In a worst case, we are talking about something which could be far 
more energetic than thermite. Yikes.

From: Jack Cole 

Very interesting account.  I have occasionally had the fantasy of modifying a 
pressure cooker, adding 10 pounds of nickel powder, and adding hydrogen (after 
Most observers of the LENR/nickel hydride scene are unaware of the details of 
the Thermacore, Inc. runaway reaction back in 1996. 
Unfortunately, this was the last effort that this company made in the field, 
and the main reason that they dropped LENR

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