Stephen A. Lawrence <> wrote:

A researcher with a good experiment should contact I.H. They might fund the
>> research. No one else will. No government will.
> Once burned twice shy.
> Do you really think I.H. would take another flier on cold fusion at this
> point?

They are supporting other researchers. I know this because I am contact
with I.H. and also with some of the researchers. I do not know how many
researchers are working with them.

> Rossi did a great job.  He has totally nuked the chances of CF to go
> anywhere for a long, long time to come.  Between getting egg on a lot of
> people's faces, costing some people a lot of money, and making some CF
> experts look like idiots for not seeing through him sooner . . . whatever
> aura of respectability the field might have had has gone in the dumper at
> this point.

I agree. However, I.H. has not given up, fortunately.

- Jed

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