Rossi might lie all the time, but if that lie is not material in meeting
the legal requirements of the licence, then whatever Rossi might say is
immaterial. Jed, you should take a course in systems engineering and
understand how requirements are meet in a test.

On Sun, Sep 18, 2016 at 8:59 PM, Jed Rothwell <> wrote:

> Axil Axil <> wrote:
> Well then, your whole line of argument involving half filled pipes,
>> ventilation holes, fans, people dying from heat exhaustion really is a
>> waste of time for yourself and everybody else.
> What are you talking about? Rossi claimed the device was producing 1 MW.
> He did not say it was producing 23 kW. Even if he had said that, we know
> that it produced no excess heat at all. We also know that Rossi made huge
> mistakes. And how do we know this? Because the pipe was half empty, and
> people were not dying from the heat. That's proof.
> It is not a "line of argument" that the pipe was half full. It is a
> physical fact.
> Why do you suddenly claim it is not proof or it does not matter? I think
> you need to get back to denying it the facts, and to claiming there is a
> magical endothermic reaction that swallows up the heat. Be consistent! You
> have made assertions that are contrary to the conservation of energy, and
> that any engineer or scientist on earth knows cannot be true. You believe
> these things only because Rossi said them. If anyone else had claimed there
> is magic endothermic process, you would instantly dismiss that.
> Either you stick with what you Rossi said, or you admit he is wrong. Do
> not suddenly say that his claims don't matter because hypothetically it
> might have been 23 kW. He said it was 1 MW. His calorimetry showed that,
> because the pipe was half full, and for various other reasons.
> - Jed

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