The whole discussion after the TRAIL is useless. Accusations between vorts,
discussions trying to determine how Rossi is a fraud or not - all of
counter productive.
Rossi has a small window to show that he has something. His ethics need no
analysis. Rossi as a person is of little interest if the focus is LENR.
The only that came out of this lawsuit was that nobody has picked up a path
to a commercial LENR.
The interest in LENR has gone down as it obviously still is no solution.
Still the interest exceeds what was before Rossi's appearance in this
I suggest to change the focus to possible solutions and let Rossi return
with his better mousetrap when or if he has one.

On Jul 9, 2017 19:03, "Che" <> wrote:

On Fri, Jul 7, 2017 at 8:39 PM, Jed Rothwell <> wrote:

> Che <> wrote:
>> Clueless, DEAD wrong, AND delusional. All in one email post!
> That is not what I would call a cogent response, but I appreciate the
> brevity of it. You needn't say more, since your responses are canned and
> never deviate from party doctrine.
> - Jed
We are following an old script, here. If you want to pretend there's an
actual dialog going on, feel free. Just don't pretend to the others that
you're 'winning' something here, OK?

In any case: the political-economic aspects of the Rossi fiasco are every
bit as 'cogent' as the fyzix and engineering. At this point -- even more so.

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