I uploaded a preliminary look at Mizuno's spreadsheets. My report includes
graphs, so I cannot upload it in this forum. You can read it here:


The text begins --

I received some spreadsheets from Mizuno for the data in this paper:

Mizuno, T., Preprint, *Observation of excess heat by activated metal and
deuterium gas*. J. Condensed Matter Nucl. Sci., 2017.


The sheets included:

BCD60520.xls, 120 W calibration, date 2016/5/20
BND60519.xls, 120 W excess heat, date 2016/5/19

I uploaded a copy of the latter here:


I have not yet uploaded the first one.

The method of computing excess heat is still a little unclear to me. There
was some confusion about the area of the outlet, which we now believe
should be 0.0044 m^2. This affects the formula for the total weight of air
that moves through the calorimeter per second. It will increase the
estimate of excess heat in the paper. I will soon upload a revised
pre-print reflecting this change. The figures and graphs graphs in this
report are based on the outlet area of 0.0044 m^2.

I thought I would make a simplified, preliminary analysis putting aside
these issues. I do not need to know that absolute level of heat to compare
the calibration to the (apparent) excess heat test. I need only compare
temperatures. I made one assumption: Because the blower power is 4.7 W for
both runs, I assume the air flow rate and calorimetry are the same in both
runs. . . .

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