Unfortunately, Mizuno’s spread sheets regarding calorimetry inform next to 
nothing about the science of LENR.  (DARK SCIENCE IS THE IN THING AROUND THE 

MFMP is the only light on the scene. and that light .  Even the Swedish folks 
seem to have slipped into the darkness with their advocacy of open science.   
So  much for Nobel: He’s turning in his grave.

The Indian, Japanese  and/or Chinese  dark LENR R&D may be the real competition 
for Rossi, given their need for alternate safe energy sources that cannot 
produce a Fukushima  type disaster.

Bob Cook

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I now have the entire 9 hours of the 120 W calibration. I have uploaded the 
spreadsheet here:


I uploaded a graph from the Excel version here:


The graphs in the Google spreadsheet seemed to survive the transition better 
than last time, so I left them in the Google sheet, but the Excel graph looks 

Here is the main thing. in the calibration (just uploaded) the Delta T 
temperature goes to 4.5°C and it stays there, stable. When the power is turned 
off, it falls rapidly back to zero, straight down. Under what appears to be 
identical calorimetry, with the same input power, the excess heat Delta T goes 
up to 7.5°C, and then when the power is cut, it takes longer to reach zero.

- Jed

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