The most closely held secret of Rossi's tech is how he produces his fuel.
Bos Higgins is on the correct path when he considers a high energy
mechanism for producing the special hydrogen form that is the heart of the
LENR fuel. From the pictures of ne356 fuel I posted a few days ago, the
fuel looked like micro-particles but me356 might be using a number of LENR
fuel formates.

I provoked me356 to release the metal grass micrographs that might be
metallic hydrogen growing out of the metal lattice.

On Fri, Sep 15, 2017 at 10:50 PM, Bob Higgins <>

> The photos of ME356's fuel are fascinating.  I don't know what to make of
> the fractal growth on the carbon sticky tape.  I would love to see an EDS
> of the fractal growth.  Ni crystals do tend to grow when there is
> sufficient heat and in the absence of oxygen, but the Ni crystals are
> normally spiky spears (as is seen in some of the photos).  I can't believe
> that the fractal growth is metallic hydrogen - just too far fetched Axil.
> I can speculate about what ME356 does to prepare his fuel.  Here are a few
> thoughts:
>    - The fuel is Ni or Ni alloy wire wound into a coil shape that will
>    fit into a reactor tube.
>    - From what we have seen, it doesn't seem like ME356's reactor runs a
>    current through this coil - it is possible, but it is risks short term
>    burnout limiting the life of the reactor.  My guess is that it is just a
>    coiled up wire fuel inside of a fused silica or ceramic tube that contains
>    the fuel coil and H2 gas.
>    - ME356 talks of pre-treating his fuel.  He says that the longer he
>    pre-treats the fuel the more active it is in producing LENR.  I think the
>    pre-treatment consists of putting the Ni coil inside a vacuum chamber, that
>    has been evacuated to less than 1 micron.  The wire is heated and cooled
>    until it stops outgassing.  Then the chamber is filled with about 10 torr
>    of H2, the wire is heated, and the wire or an adjacent Ni electrode is
>    driven with RF at one of the ISM band frequencies.  This will provide some
>    sputter-like activation of the surface.
>    - After the hot sputter processing, take the coil out and put it into
>    the reactor tube and heat in H2 for LENR.

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