Your opinions are arrogant and arbitrary.   For a site such as this, that’s 

Since the long term effects of technology are often impossible to predict, all 
sorts of things can emerge that damage the Elite’s rule.  Phone companies 
deeply regretted not pacing solid bandwidth charges on early internet use.

Many of the world leaders are affected by dementia, alcoholism and drug use – 
or simple self-serving laziness.  Example: a drunken Juncker and revelations 
about dementia medications used in Washington DC within Congress ( past month).

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My background is libertarian but I now feel some form of communism could be in 
our future, by default.

First, consider that deflationary factors could drive economies into permanent 
stimulus with scant regard for debts.  Even Bloomberg admits that the Bank of 
Japan may own a big chunk of their stock market already.  If they are forced 
into buying up stocks and bonds without end in order to avoid collapse, then we 
have a form of communism – if you consider things such as the Fed to be part of 
the government.

Second,  suppose automation does give us mass production of quality goods at 
very low prices?  If scarcity has always been the obstacle in socialist 
systems, then this might overcome it.  Leaders in China may believe this to be 
true – and time will tell if they are correct.

Look: you're not QUALIFIED to define the term 'communism'. Simple as that.

Stop trying. You just look bad (at best).

However -- we DO know that NO new technology or research is going to be funded 
by a bankrupt World Capitalist order: unless of course, it appears to have 
'Military significance'...

So no wonder so many of you here are so hostile to the anti-Militarists amongst 
us: you are *eager* to get the *sure* funding which now accompanies the buildup 
to what looks like an increasingly likely WWIII.

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I guess you are being ultra left here. The guy is showing will to learn and you 
are kind of snubbing him.

2017-10-13 3:29 GMT-03:00 Che 

This is just (yawn) one more fake 'post-marxist' analysis (of which there has 
been plenty: 'Post Modernism' being the exemplar of this genre). Dismissing the 
importance of those CENTRAL materialist concepts -- the Means and Mode of 
Production -- is a dead giveaway that this is just one more 
quasi-/pseudo-'scientific' analysis. With a suspect political-economic -- no 
doubt petit-bourgeois liberal -- agenda behind it, of course.

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